I was asked the other day when was I going to drop another book.  Standing surprised by the question I asked, “What book?”  My colleague looked at me and said, “The one you keep dropping snippets of on your blog.”



Hearing these words of affirmation for my writing gave me an ounce of energy I needed because this school term, my son’s football schedule, and tending to all of the other things I have to do is a bit cumbersome but I make it work.  I’ve been told I make what I do look easy, and I resent that statement sometimes and want to throw in the towel but I am reminded that I have two little boys (even though they are not so little anymore) that are depending on

Today’s journey is about living~reflecting~writing~learning~

LIVE|Sometimes you have to live a life uninterrupted by fear.  It is something about that damn comfort zone that will make you second guess everything you contemplate doing.  But risks are worth taking because there is truly a reward for everything you set out to do.  In all sincerity you learn what you want more in life by taking risks and you walk away from risky situations that could cause more harm than good.  You simply cannot be afraid to live because of fear of failure.  We are all going to fail at something at some point in our lives, so the lesson there is to not make the same mistake again that will result in failure.  We fail at school (academic probation was my dismissal from the University of Florida…LOL), we fail at career moves (the wanderers), we fail at relationships (friendships, family, courting, and even marriage), and we fail sometimes at realizing our greatness.  However, we can’t let the mistakes of our past or even the unsteadiness of our future keep us from moving forward in our sometimes awkward realities.  It has been said that fear means two things, face everything and run or face everything and rise.  I CHOOSE TO RISE!

REFLECT|A lot of times I think about my right steps.  Other times I reconsider my wrong moves and see where things went to the left.  We cannot predict the future.  We have no idea from day to day what to expect or the results of each forthcoming day.  It is not a bad idea to reflect on self and how you have handled situations in your life because there is always a better way to handle things in hindsight.  Your growth is contingent upon what you can withstand, endure, and at all cost opportunities to better yourself.  There are truly going to be many “not so” proud moments in your life but were those moments fueled by malice intent?  We will all be good in the end especially if our hearts are good and our intentions are pure.  Reflect on your true self and if you like what you see, keep being you because somebody is going to feel it.

WRITE|I celebrate my glows and woes of life to create a trail of things I did to the best of my ability and my opportunities to grow.  I literally write down everything.  I have journals that chronicle my high school years, one for each year.  I have multiple notebooks that have chronicled my life from marriage to childbirth, career moves, and book outlines.  You have a story to tell.  We all have a story to tell.  Writing becomes an outlet as you see your words take form and manifest into your life.  Setting goals, making a list, and checking it twice becomes empowering when you see the things you have ventured out to do come to fruition.  Writing is therapeutic and it is a process.  My writing takes on many forms and inspires many people (they inbox me and tell me so).  Celebrate the good and the bad because no experience is ever a waste.  Write until your heart is content and you get your story out, even if you don’t share it.

LEARN|Life will grab you by the neck and make you immovable.  Everyday will not be a cake walk and we will face many obstacles but we must learn how to navigate through them.  Navigate life in such a way that we respect our setbacks but embrace our triumphs.  Through trial and error I discover things about me that have been hidden in my heart that makes me susceptible to the truth.  We all have to be willing to learn more about ourselves in order to reach our fullest potential.  You have to work hard for what you want and learn how to turn every no into a search for a yes that creates an opportunity for you to dig deeper into who you are.  Life is about learning and truly for the living…so are you alive or among the walking dead?

~Live~Reflect~Write~Learn~ is more than a logo or mantra.  It is how you survive.  It is how you thrive.  Those four words govern your existence.  You have the right to live the life you want to live.  Reflect on the divine individual that you are ever evolving into. Write down your goals because the plan for your life is predestined, nothing is going to happen that is not supposed to happen.  Learn more about who you are because being you is your super power.

We will take many paths and detours in life but we should not be deterred by what does not happen.  So if a book derives from all of this, so be it.  Right now I’m just living, reflecting, writing, and learning.

~LaTilya Rashon



Guard Your Heart, It is the Source of Life

Making decisions require an enormous amount of thought because temporary feelings lead to disaster.

03-guard-your-heartThe ego makes you think you need affirmation and support from everyone around you when in actuality you need to support and affirm yourself.  The mind makes you wonder why others around you are more loved and received than you?  When you should focus on the quality of your life and be concerned with your well-being.

We wear our feelings on our sleeves and sometimes our faces making us more vulnerable to “frenemies”.  We need to guard our hearts against bad intentions and learn to love ourselves more.  There is nothing like pouring your heart into a situation then ending up empty.

The first time I got married, I was 21 years old and clueless about true love. Unconditional love and commitment stalled after eight years and decided to take on a new life.  My heart was shattered.  My life was turned upside down.  I had never felt so weak and lost in my life. It was at this moment I began to learn that love starts with self, and it was my job to guard my source of strength and life.  When I hit my emotional rock bottom, I learned that my heart would carry me through life as long as I took care of myself first.

I had to make emotional deposits into my mental in order to learn that I deserved better.  I had become consumed in a temporary life, and poured so much of myself into if that I lost who I was.  The many disagreements eventually drained my spirit and I found myself stuck.  Stuck between knowing it was over and figuring out how to move on.  Emotional distress hovered over my blood chambers and caused anxiety, nervousness, doubt, and insecurities.  The love I had for myself became overwhelmed by uncertainty and I was completely exposed emotionally.

Then things slowly began to change. I had to regroup.  I had to refocus.  I had to commit to myself and making my mental, physical, and emotional self stronger.  I had to put a guard around my heart to block what was bad for me so that I could be a better me.  My life is more valuable than my circumstances, and I have had to learn to think with my head and not my heart.  Not that I have become emotionally detached from everything and everyone.  I have just decided to be more cautious with who I let into my emotional space.

The heart wants what the heart wants, good and bad, which is why guarding your source of life in vital.  You have one life to live and it should be filled with love, peace, happiness, passion, and fulfillment.  That does not mean there won’t be some critical days and hardships.  It just means that because I have the power to shut out anything that does not benefit me, and know that in those tough times I’m not consumed by uncertainty.

Guarding your heart is deep and spiritual.  Your life is what you make it.  So be not consumed by things you cannot change.  Embrace the life you live and make an honest effort to live and be good.  The person you strive to be, will attract like minded people. Guard your heart from people that only show up when it is convenient for them.  There is a fine line between being helpful and hurtful.  Your help could be hurting you in the same process and the person benefiting from your help is gloating.  At all cost and with caution, protect and guard your heart because it is the source of your life.

~LaTilya Rashon

Trusting the Process

At 3:00 in the morning my world came crashing down on me and I had to figure out what I was going to do.  Having to decide not to go on living a lie to protect your image is a big deal.  Packing up your belongings, friends coming to help you move all while anxiety is running up and down your back is the most stressful and emotional feeling you could ever experience.stressed-black-woman

You’re sad because what you had, has now fail and you are faced with making decisions by yourself.  The comfort and input from the one you promised to share your life with is no longer a necessity and you are walking through life scared and uncertain.  When you are at your lowest is when you learn how to TRUST the PROCESS.

We make so many plans for our lives that we become inundated in how we thought life was supposed to be.  We place expectations on ourselves and others that often lead to disappointment and our attachments to others weaken.  So once we begin to accept things for how they are, the 3:00 in the morning wake-up call symbolizes our rock bottom.

Feeling the lowest of the low is a hard place to crawl out from, but you have to have faith that everything will come together in the end.  Be vulnerable enough to face your fears and channel energy that will pull you from the clutch of disparity.

It is hard to face failure and accept that your plans were interrupted by life.  But life has that crazy way of shaking you up to shift complacency and contentment.  When you are comfortable it is easy to turn the other cheek, say yes when you really want to say no, and go with flow when your intuition yells at you that something is wrong.

When you finally realize you have been living an “eyes wide shut” life, the process to change begins.  Becoming more in touch with your strengths and weakness make you a better person. You will cry, you will lose sleep, you will eat uncontrollably, or stress to the point of not eating but that is apart of growth.  The many emotions you encounter when facing change begins to resemble the processes and methods you’ve learned when you attended school.

Your life becomes an anticipation guide for what might happen.  You make predictions and draw conclusions based on patterns to ultimately find solutions to your problems.  All of that fancy education suddenly makes sense and you become distracted while working through your dilemmas.

If we never experience anything bad in our lives, we’ll never understand the seasons and reasons that things happen.  Trusting the process means that for everything bad thing that happens in your life can and will be worked out for your good.

Symbolically, 3:00 in the morning is the most bizarre time to receive bad news but it becomes your awakening.  When you should be sleeping, you are faced with making life altering decisions.  It only takes one major stir to shake things up. You can find your strength along the recovery and rebuilding your life making decisions that are most beneficial to your well-being.

Trust the process! Laugh at the confusion! Embrace your growth!

~LaTilya Rashon