Why Be Mediocre When You Can Be Great

wp-1477058810654.jpgSitting at work a couple of weeks ago in professional development we watched a video about the “Golden Circle” but the message about the golden circle was setting out to prove WHY you are GREAT at what you do and how you do what you do.  In a nutshell the Golden Circle challenges the “Status Quo”.  Why be mediocre when you can be great?

Ironically I had had the words status quo floating around in my mind for a few days so after watching the small clip on the TED video it served as confirmation for the things that I had been pondering.  I have joined various Facebook groups, followed many others on twitter and Instagram, and I can for sure say that I am enjoying the process.

When I Inadvertently Took Some Time Off I had no idea which direction I wanted to go and still I only know that I want to write.  I love teaching so I’m vexed between niche writing educationally and exploring doing a blog series on various topics such as family, marriage, divorce, relationships, career, and other hot topics that I come across in conversation.  There are no rules to this blogging thing; you just have to get in where you fit in.

I am super excited about relaunching my blog and “write” now I am loving my new categories…but can a sister get a better laptop?  I am about to switch over to Apple I guess because it just looks like that is what everybody uses…LOL *Have you seen the images*

So let me introduce you to WHY I’m great and YOU should follow me…  and here is my disclaimer…I probably should get an email list and figure out this email marketing but I don’t get it so just follow my blog.  And for one, my TRANSPARENCY is the biggest part of my WHY!  But check these categories and I promise you’ll be smitten.

Live~Laugh~Love *Loving the Life You Live*

I turned 30 years old at the very end of 2011 and my motherly instincts told me that it was time to purchase my first home because my two loves, Lil Phil and Pressy, were growing up and I wanted them to have a backyard bigger than the one at my duplex at the time.  The Live~Laugh~Love mantra was strong throughout department stores and was actually the theme of my housewarming party in June 2012 and it was at this age that I truly embraced my life.  I am loving all of the experiences that have shaped my existence…nothing was an accident, it was necessary.  As open as I am, I am sure that I  will be able to show YOU how to love the life you live and be happy even when things feel like they are falling apart.           For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.      ~Ecclesiastes 3:1

Retrospective Life: Reflections, Lessons, and Blessings458651399_c3065e705d_q

You only grow as a person when you feel uncomfortable.  Like the saying goes, “If you do what you have always done, you going to get what you have always gotten.”  It’s insane to make the same repeated mistakes in life.  Once is a mistake, the second time it’s a choice.  Now you can’t predict how relationships will go—friends, family, significant others etcetera—but you can reflect on what you learn through your different experiences with people.  You honestly can learn from other people because they show you with their actions how to treat them.  It’s funny we (society) spend a lot of time trying to figure out other people, but if we pay attention, they show us ALL of the time who they are.  It is okay to change your circle, because some people are a truly a blessing, but when the blood suckers drain you of your energy…push them out of your life and grow.  Taking risks and doing something new creates layers in your life.  You want to be able to look back on your life and say to yourself, “Damn I have accomplished a lot!” I can write a list of my accomplishments and smile from ear to ear…I’m soon to be 35 (December 28th) and my two marriages, divorce, birth of my sons, military experience, and teaching career has taught me a few things about LIFE.  I have no qualms with sharing!

The Educated Butler

The play on words as “The Educated Butler” sums me up in three words because of my thirst for knowledge.  I know a lot of stuff, and in my ninth year as a traditional classroom teacher I want to rise above public school teaching and transition into higher education and really make an impact.  I faced many obstacles in school from being bullied, belittled by teachers, and proving society wrong that children from single parent homes can be successful.  I defy stereotypes at every turn and look at every individual experience as a lesson that has strengthened my core.  My first self-published literary baby, My Fourth Year in Middle School: The Truth About Teaching propels my desire to write, publish, blog, edit, research, and help others.  Education is a necessity and I will show you WHY.  Click on the title and I will introduce you to a whole new world…my educational journey as well as cover the trends and issues that affect my perception of education, teaching and learning.61yromeb5hl

Writer’s Corner

This is dedicated to the writers who don’t want to coach but just have a good time blogging and being creative.  Not to say I don’t want to turn a profit but not sticking to rules, outlines, and suggestions of others will allow me to be free.  We all want to make money whether it’s being a profitable blog, creating content, tool kits, offering services, contributing to other sites, and of course for me WRITING BOOKS.  I have played around with blog topic generators, read just about everybody under the sun, registered with multiple sites but the one thing I need to do is be more CONSISTENT, PLAN PROACTIVELY, and PRODUCE.  Yes I created my first free product, What No One Tells You About Blogging mini-book, and I was afraid to release it but I said to myself, “Why in the hell not?”  I’m continuing to learn, explore, and take risks.  So in this corner I’ll water you, you’ll water me (feedback on what I post) and we’ll grow together.photogrid_1481570462792.png

Thanks to the Golden Circle I’m going to push pass the Status Quo and give the unabashed display of WHY I’m a great writer.  My message is clear…it is rough around the edges, no holds barred (limited profanity…LOL), and true to who I am.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the ride!  Leave a comment and don’t be afraid to SHARE!

Reciprocal Trust


There is a golden rule that many people conveniently ignore until they feel that they have been done wrong.  It is written in the great book,

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Matthew 7:12


But in this dog eat dog world it is hard to tell who is for you and who is against you.  Relationships have a vital role in your everyday existence and today in a passing conversation I was enlightened on how quickly someone can violate your trust.  I took to my Facebook account a few days ago and said that a blog would come later, so here I am.  The focus today is Reciprocal Trust.

It is amazing how an innocuous exchange of words in friendly banter turns into a misleading interpretation of what really happened.  As you build relationships with your mate, friends, family, and even colleagues it is important to foster trust.  However, fostering trust comes with limitations because perception will deter every effort and attempt to build healthy relationships with individuals you come in contact with on a daily basis.

Take for instance TRUSTING your mate:  Like with anything new, in the beginning it is exciting and new so your guard is down because the euphoria of love is all around you.  It is not until temptation rears its ugly head that you begin to shift your trust and question the actions of the one you love the most.  That does not mean the trust is not reestablished, it simply just means you have to work harder to regain the trust you once had to get things back the way you want them to be.  Or course everything takes time, but time cannot be your only excuse in righting a wrong.

TRUSTING your friends:  There are lifelong friendships that abruptly end when you simply outgrow someone.  It does not mean that you no longer care for that person, you just come to realize that you no longer have things in common and choose to be around people that help you grow.  Take for instance one of my best friends.  Now I may not have known her as long as my left and my right hand (Maya and Tee) but she has been a friend that I can always call on.  I was leery of her when we first met, but she grew on me and when I presented an idea to her about something I wanted to do she was all in helping me organize it (My Bridal Brunch).  Our friendship was tested, even somewhat interrupted but we know each other’s heart and intentions so we were able to reestablish that trust.  See when you are good person it does not matter what negative people say about you because they don’t matter.

See the theme here is reciprocal trust.  When communication is unclear as we operate in a “selfish” world, it becomes difficult to identify who is your friend and who is your enemy.  Some may think that enemy is a strong word and usually reserved for Satan, but some people are truly NOT FOR YOU.  So getting back to the topic of trust…

TRUSTING your family:  Well your family is who you make them to be.  Just because you share the same blood as people that does not make you family.  Not to negate familial connections, sometimes trusting family is equally as hard as trusting strangers.  If the foundation of trust is not solid, even the family relationship will not be strong.

TRUSTING your colleague:  This is an even more slippery slope.  A lot of work on the same ship, but everybody is not pulling their load.  It is difficult to work with people that you do not trust, and I am very aware that some may not trust me, but I’m outspoken and don’t beat around the bush when it comes to speaking my mind.  At work everything that you say and do is scrutinized and you learn to just “do your job so you won’t get fired” but even that becomes mundane.

Sadly TRUST is not reciprocated and losing trust becomes an eye-opener in the face of adversity.  It does not matter how hard you work to preserve your relationships, everybody does not have your best interest at heart and will make things harder for you unnecessarily.

I am getting to an age that my trust levels are low and I will only deal with people I feel necessary and trust and believe the people I trust is very limited.  Reciprocity may not always be placed on the table but you learn over time who to trust and who to be careful with.

It could all be so simple, but we’d rather make it hard!

The Educated Butler



The Meaning of TilyaRealEyes “The Educated Butler”

The Meaning of TilyaRealEyes…“The Educated Butler”

TilyaRealEyes has been around for a long time since my first blog when I was registered with blogspot.  I had so many things going with me in 2010 that I needed and outlet because I was beginning to realize a lot about my life, about myself and about my situation.wp-image-2072040792jpg.jpg

When you look at my first name, LaTilya, I just decided that TilyaRealEyes was befitting because I was also seeing the transformation in my thought processes, my level of maturity, my growth as a woman, and facing divorce after accepting my separation for what it was.  I was realizing that my life was going to be what I made it.

I began writing as my escape to unload my feelings out into the atmosphere to begin my healing process.  I was devastated by the events of my marriage and I had to find a way to let it all go to an unbiased, listening ear that would not hush me or tell me that I was being overly sensitive.  Tilya, as is I, was realizing that I had to take care of me or the anger was going to consume me.  I was seeking God, I was venting, and I was secretly hoping that my estranged husband would stumble on my words and see my hurt.  Through TilyaRealEyes, I established my voice and realized that I had the strength to take control of my life and turn my life into a platform free of judgement filled with encouragement and transparency to others who have experienced loss and humiliation in life.

I initially bared my soul and deepest thoughts into my blog, but I became stagnant and the blogspot went to the way side.

Now as I have revamped my blog, I have moved past the heartbreak and now I want to use my platform to speak and write about persevering through tough situations and hardships.  I want to talk about having the discipline to stay committed to your endeavors no matter how overwhelming life gets.  The reality is, “Shit happens!”  Everyday will not be glittery rainbows, and you will want to cry and just throw everything down and walk away.  TilyaRealEyes snatches you back to reality and encourages you to stay true to yourself, your goals, your ambition, and recommit to your life.  I share my struggles and how I have grown to represent the best authentic version of me.  Free of crippling insecurities and full of thought-provoking vulnerabilities.  20151208_083123

I want my readers to feel inspired and keep checking back for updates and inspiration for their lives.  I would like my audience to know the woman behind the words.  My writing demonstrates my emotions as I work on other things such as books and various ideas that float through my mind.

So on one layer I deal with life, the good the bad and the ugly.  The unpredictable, mundane, and the melancholy.  But on a philosophical note, I am also “The Educated Butler”.

The Educated Butler is my teacher hat where I systematically discuss issues that arise in education that I see daily as a classroom teacher.  It is a play on my profession and legal last name combined.  As an educator I hear the complaints from teachers, students, administrators, and parents and this drives me to be the non-standard leader. I will rock my hair shaved on one side.  Be down to earth with my colleagues, but wear my professionalism where it is needed.  I don’t like the feeling of my hands being tied with the constant reforming of educational policies.  So I’m taking it upon myself to share my perceptions about new teachers, classroom management, teacher retention, and all things related to education.  I’m striving to be a change agent, reshaping the look of leadership.

Since receiving my Doctor of Education degree, people look at me like I have three eyes, waiting to see what direction my life and career is about to take.  Ironically, my drive makes me want to inform others of the ills and wills of education.  I love my career, and I’m a firm believer that I am most beneficial to students whom I identify with.  Until I have a major career change, I’m satisfied being The Educated Butler due to my various degrees and my quest for knowledge. 

cropped-20160718_120948.jpgCheck out my debut book My Fourth Year in Middle School: The Truth About Teaching which gives your personal stories of my teaching journey so far.  I bring relevance and credibility to The Educated Butler.

Now you know the meaning of my site.  I am TilyaRealEyes, The Educated Butler!  Ask me anything and I will gladly help you realize your truth.

20 Facts About Me



  1. I am my mother’s only child.
  2. I have half siblings on my biological father’s side.
  3. I was in a secret relationship my Junior year in high school. (I hate him now!)
  4. I began my college journey at the University of Florida.
  5. Seafood, specifically snow crab legs and shrimp are my favorite food.                       
  6. I have attended 8 different colleges and universities from 2000-2016.                  University of Florida, Burlington Community College, Western International University, University of Phoenix, Community College of the Air Force (A.A.S. 06’), Thomas Edison State College (A.A. and B.A. Liberal Studies, 07’), Bellevue University (MPA 09’),  Nova Southeastern University (Ed.S. 10’ and Ed. D. 16’) img_20160518_110904.jpg
  7.  I am from Waycross, Georgia, Home of the Okefenokee Swamp. 
  8. I joined the United States Air Force in 2001, and served until 2007.
  9.  The first time I got married was in 2003 until I got divorced in 2011.                                                                                                                   
  10.  I have visited 12 United States and 1 U.S. Territory:  Florida, Nebraska, Illinois, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland and U.S. Territory-Puerto Rico
  11.  I am a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.20160116_112608-1-1.jpg
  12.  I have been on 3 Carnival Cruises: Bahamas twice, and Cozumel/Key West once
  13.  I worked for the Office of Child Supported Services for 8 months, and hated it.
  14.  I love the The Real Housewives Franchise, except for the Miami cast, they don’t do anything for me.  The Real Housewives of Atlanta are my favorite since I’m a GA Girl.
  15.  I have twelve tattoos…three of them are butterflies that represent the changes in my life.
  16.  I have two wonderful sons, Phillip who’s 12 and Preston who’s 10.
  17.  I have been a middle school teacher since 2008.
  18. I got remarried in 2014.wp-image-1457144966jpg.jpg
  19. I have played tennis as a hobby since 2012.
  20. I self-published my first book My Fourth Year in Middle School: The Truth About Teaching
    20160702_170048Comment and let me know what you find the most interesting, I’ll be sure to respond.

9 Reasons Education is Confusing

9 Reasons Education is Confusing by LaTilya Rashon


I attended Center Junior High School under the esteemed Dr. Robert T. Bussey, who was my mother’s principal when she was in school.  The city of Waycross  schools and Ware County schools merged the 1994 school term and contrary to some of the horror stories of that merger, middle school in 1996 was way different than middle school now in 2016.  Other than being two decades apart, I will explain the nine reasons education is confusing.

9. Grading System Changed: Before teachers had more autonomy of their grades because simply speaking, students either completed their work or they didn’t.  There were no categories like Assessment of Learning, Assessment During Learning, Homework, Classwork, Test/Quizzes/Projects or anything else for that matter.  There were no percentages for the categories such as 50% classwork, 40% assessments, 10% homework.  Teachers graded work as it was assigned, recorded it in the grade book, averaged the all the grades and that was what went on the report card.  Now, teachers have a certain number of assignments per category so now it’s almost impossible for students to fail a class unless they choose not to complete any work.

Teacher at Chalkboard

8. Limited Class Options:  I had the option to Agriculture, Life Skills, Health, and Career Connections with Mrs. Ganas where we learned about the Occupational Outlook Handbook and was able to job shadow someone for a full day and receive a class grade.  Now middle school students are limited to P.E. without the Health class component, Band, Reading or Math/Study Skills class, Technology, and Art if it has not been cut from the budget.  We were somewhat ability grouped, and changed classes by crossing over with other homerooms which made a competitive and productive roster.  In my teaching environment students travel from class to class on their grade level with their assigned homeroom everyday, and the class roster is split into fours assigning these chunks of students to the same connections classes.  There is not enough variety in the day.

7.  Apathetic Students:  I was required in middle school to do a Social Science Fair project or a Science Fair project.  Teachers communicated the expectations to students, sent home parent letters, and gave ample time in school and after school to work on projects.  I was lucky enough to attend the regional science fair at South Georgia College in 1993 for my project, Does Artificial Light Effect Plant Growth?  Now students majorly choose to not complete a science fair project and accept the grades of zero that come along with it.  It seems as if students have given up to the point science fairs are optional.

6.  Standardized Assessments:  The ITBS test is now used for instructional planning and a formative assessment.  It gives your child a ranking in school based on their results, but its an ability grouping tool.  Students did not feel the pressure to test well in 1996 because everything counted, so you were expected to do well.  I am guilty of this, but when my students enter the door I start the year off mentioning state assessments that they know are sure to come.  My class is based on test results, so my students learn fast why they are placed in my Reading class.  It’s tough for students that know they struggle, but are now in middle school trying to play catch up.



5.  Teachers Are Younger:  Now you would think that age is nothing but a number when dealing with professionals, but I know that when I was in school my teachers were older, or shall I say their dress code was.  My teachers hardly wore jeans, always wore dress pants, blouses, and dresses with modest make-up.  Now when you walk into schools there are a lot children that look more mature than their teachers.  It’s hard for urban middle schoolers to respect someone who is the same age as their older siblings.

4.  Teacher Preparation:  I came in as a TAPP (Teacher Alternative Preparation Program) teacher from a different career field, the military, so I had life and work experience.  A lot f the teacher pedagogy that is learned traditionally is valuable, but teaching by the book is a no-go for middle school.  This works well for early childhood educators, but at the middle school level when students are trying to find their identity, you have to play it by ear.  The bricks and mortar way to teacher preparation gives teachers false interpretations of a classroom, so sometimes at the middle school level, teachers don’t last long.  I’ll touch on this later.

3.  Social Media:  There weren’t computers in the classroom 20 years ago.  The classroom equipped with computers was the computer lab and that was the typing class.  We had the old typing lessons that taught you your home row keys and by the end of the semester you learned basic typing skills.  The only phone you had was a house phone.  Now kids of all ages have cellular phones, and some of those phones are better than adult phones.  Social media is how kids communicate, rather than writing friendly notes.  There is a whole new language (text talk) that is being spoken by this generation.  I’m not saying that kids shouldn’t have social media, however in school it is a major distraction.


2.  Parental Involvement:  Open house, report card pick-up, parent-teacher conferences, athletic events, PTO meetings,  and awards banquets have low parent participation.  I remember being in school and my mom never missed an event.  Now we can barely get a parent to show up for their highly disruptive child.  New age parents are not like parents from decades past.  It is heart-breaking to know that a lot of the students today are raising themselves.  Schools need parents to meet them halfway.

1. Lack of Consistency: I entered into the profession of teaching eight years ago and I am now on my seventh district superintendent.  I live in one city, but teach in another and I see that changeover is more severe in my district.  From formative assessments, progress monitoring tools, academic expectations, and changes in district wide leadership nothing has been placed for longer than two academic years to see progress.  It doesn’t help that new state assessments have changed, so have promotion requirements.  I’m not a strategist, but it appears that once leaders leave the classroom, they become out of touch with the classroom struggle.  Teachers are now simply collecting a check rather than genuinely teaching.  Education represents stability, but in some cases teachers are providing a disservice to their students.

I’m sure there are more reasons, but these stood out for me the most.


Check Your Credentials: Are You Qualified?


I have spent the past 16 years enrolling and completing degrees at different institutions of higher learning.  The requirements and skill set for each degree program seemed attainable, and you ultimately learn as you go, what is distinguished in presentation and rudimentary.


However along the way you become a subject matter expert to your peers when they ask, “Well, where do you go to school?”, “What classes did you take?”, “What was your major?”, and the ultimate question, “Was/Is school hard?”  You then spend hours discussing your undergraduate experiences, reliving the fun times, the trying times, and the confusing times.  You explain why you got caught up, and how you wish you knew then all of the things you know now.  You carry on with your life until the next set of questions arise.

What is your master’s in?  I reply,  “Oh, it’s in Public Administration because it caught my eye at the time while I was working for a state agency.”  Now you are advising your friends on degree choices because they are stuck between a master’s in social work or education and they are undecided.  The only thing they know is that they don’t want to be stuck behind the computer writing papers, but you feel compelled to tell them that at the graduate level that’s a big part of the degree.  You have now embarked on research expert territory.  “Should I go to a bricks and mortar school or find a degree program online?”  Again, you relay your experiences and why you chose accelerated online programs because it was conducive to your family structure. Your friends then say, “But on my God, I have to hear the professor because I’m not disciplined enough to do the work online by myself.”

You spend more time explaining how online is not that bad, and is actually better because other than scheduled live-streaming lectures, you can complete and participate in class discussion threads, and post your research papers by the suspense date asynchronously.  Before long your friends are asking you questions about different schools, why you chose your school, and once your’re done, what are you going to do next or are you done with school?

University students

You have become a consultant, adviser, and financial aid consultant by default because you are telling them how “it” works.  Then then next wave of requests become, “Can you help me with this discussion?”, “Hey can you find some articles on this?”, “Can I see your phase 1 draft?”, “Will you read this for me and tell me it how it sounds?”  Before long you’re an editor and proofreader but you’re not charging your friends, because they ask for help here and there.

Considering the amount of work that goes into attaining degrees, when you garner a Doctor of Education (Ed.D) or Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D), you become qualified to do many things and your skill set is expanded.  You are now a referral service because everyone wants to know who helped you along the journey. So then you begin to examine your skill set a little more closely and realize you have a lot to offer.

I am a

  • researcher
  • consultant
  • adviser
  • writer
  • editor

A lot of times we offer services as help then realize some of the services are provided to others at a price.  You don’t want to take on too much too soon, but when you complete your work without the paid help of others, you either encourage your friends and associates to do the same or set yourself up to be paid.  You are qualified to do whatever you are passionate about without naysayer opinions.  The only way you build your skill set portfolio, is to continue working on those skills and let your work speak for itself.  Validation comes when you become the referred rather than the referrer.  You are qualified to be your own boss in any industry that you can’t see yourself walking away from or not being a part of.  Education and writing are my industries of choice.  So am I qualified?

Check my resume!  You damn right, I’m qualified!

~LaTilya Rashon

Are You S.M.A.R.T.

smartHaving a direction or guided path in life can help you avoid making some detrimental mistakes.  Even if research says the brain does not fully develop until the age of 25, that does not give you the luxury to live life carelessly up until that age.

I personally have been in the habit of writing things down and checking my short term objectives and long term goals off of my list as I go.  I’m a “lists” person, and once I see it, I remember it.  I categorize things.  I prioritize, then rearrange list items to fit my life and my schedule in order to accomplish my next set of tasks or goals.  I have a certain amount of discipline over aspects of my life such as career and family than I do over frivolous things such as laundry and dish washing.  I’ve pretty much set out to do things in life that would defy the stereotype placed on me coming from a single parent, absent father, latchkey kid environment and have lived a life I can look at be pretty impressed by.  But how did I do it as I continue to live and make new “to do” lists?  I’ve been SMART about how I live.

I’m not talking about reading every reference book known to man and soaking up all of the news on television and having debates with people to prove a point.  I’m talking about being strategic with my time to do everything I said I’d do even if it took me some time to get EVERYTHING done while continuing to set new goals.

So what does being  S.M.A.R.T. look like?

Specific:  I’ve been very specific about what I wanted in life. Graduate high school, be married before having children, earning a 4 yr degree, completing my 6 year Air Force enlistment successfully, becoming a teacher, earning my doctorate.  You name it, I’m sure anything that is on my resume and my holistic body of work and experiences were written down as focus points in my life.  I’m not completely regimented and avoid having fun.  I’m just specific about what I want my life to reflect as I continue checking things off of my list.  So write it down, then look back at your lists and it will help you see where you need to switch gears or take time to celebrate.

Measurable:  Examine your list and determine the amount of time it will take you to complete your tasks.  You can’t measure when you’ll get married because that requires you being in a serious relationship, but in 6 to 12 months you can determine how serious your relationship is.  Attending college to earn your first undergraduate degree could take four years, but in some cases a fifth year in school may be required to have all of your graduation requirements complete.  Have in your mind how long you envision completing a task will take.  If you see that some things are taking longer that others, don’t give up. Accomplish what you can in order to see some progress.

Attainable:  Ponder the question if you will be able to reach your goal?  Making up in your mind to reach your goals is personal.  You don’t want to be too far reaching and never get anything done, that puts you in a possible burnout phase.  Identify inside of yourself the most attainable goal and work at it until you accomplish it.  It’s all in your mind.  The attitude you develop towards your goal will carry your further than having an astronomical list of things to do that read more like a bucket list than reality.

Realistic:  Walking on the surface of the sun is not a realistic goal because that is not humanly possible.  But if you are into science you can definitely become an astronaut and walk on the moon.  Ask yourself if the goals you’re striving to reach fit your lifestyle?  Will they benefit your career?  Your family? Will they realistic add value to areas of your life?  Be real with yourself and work hard because when people see what you’re realistically trying to accomplish, they will support you.

Timed:  The 80/20 rule is real!  What ever you spend the most of your time trying to accomplish(80) is most beneficial and meaningful to you.  Leaving you with 20% of time used eliminating nuisances.  Does that make sense?  LOL! Basically, use your time wisely.  What can you do today?  What can you do next week?  What can you do next month?  When you can answer those three questions based on your realistic and specific list, you have become S.M.A.R.T.

Live the life you love.  Love the life you live.  But please be smart while living.

~LaTilya Rashon