B.A.E. Business, Approach, and Entrepreneurship

  LaTilya Rashon presents

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Business, Approach and Entrepreneurship (B.A.E.) is networking community established to connect business minded individuals and entrepreneurs dedicated to growing their businesses and expanding their brands. In this group we will discuss lessons we have learned along the way and best business practices. By cultivating a community packed with ambition and talent, we can support one another, gain bigger profits, and create the lives we want to live.

Top 3:
1. SUPPORTIVE atmosphere to grow ideas centered around business.
2. ENCOURAGEMENT to not be afraid and take risks to become more impactful.
3. COMMUNITY to give valuable feedback and that extra push while accomplishing your business goals.

We will focus on clarity, consistency, and execution.  Entrepreneurship is a movement! Join the network! Work is B.A.E.!